Toxin Binder​

Our products are for wide range of livestock; poultry, swine, cattle, sheep and goats. Designed to be added directly to the feed and/or the premix​

  • NP Tox
  • NP Sorb
  • Toximex

Mold Inhibitor​

Our Mold inhibitors are highly effective blend of propionic acid and other ingredients for optimal efficacy.​

  • NP Mold Stop


We have different kinds of products based on different acids and other ingredients used in feed.​

  • NP Acid Herbi
  • NP Acid Plus
  • NP Acid Forte


Premix and concentrate feed

  • NP Feed


This products are formulated based on phytogenic materials, herbal extracts and essential oils​

  • NP Grov
  • NP Blue spirit


We can provide Different kind of enzymes with different concentration.​

  • NP Zyme 5000
  • NP Zyme 10,000
  • NP ZYME 50,000